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3 Shape

Increase productivity by up to 40%. The device multi-line scanners capture multiple scan lines in a single shot for high speed.

Scan accuracy you can rely on. Before purchasing a scanner, you should know the measurement methods behind the manufacturer’s claims. Here’s ours. 3Shape measures and documents accuracy for all scanners using ISO 12836 standards and dedicated implant bar validation objects.

Color texture scanning enhances details. Unique texture scanning captures high-detail images of the model’s surface and precisely overlays these on the 3D model. Technicians can include hand-drawn color markings in the design process.

Impression scanners are a secure investment. Looking ahead, scanning impressions is expected to become the standard for 3D capture. All 3Shape dental scanners include Adaptive Impression Scanning, ensuring labs impression capture that truly works and a safe investment.


Fully automated optical structured-light Scanner with scanning software. PC and screen. Basic modeling software Zirkonzahn. Modellie.

In combination with the modeling software the ideal introduction to the digital world of dental prostheses, also without a milling unit. Fully automated optical structured-light scanner. Precision ≤ 10 μm. Model can be rotated 360° and tilted 100°. Particularly large measuring field enables the capture of the entire model in a single scanning process. High-precision axis control. Intelligent model acquisition concepts. Compatible with the PlaneSystem®


The new Identica Blue employs Blue LED technology to deliver superior data quality with improved measurement across the entire object. Moreover, users have more freedom to choose where to work, without being influenced by the surrounding lighting conditions. Operating from a fully open platform, the Identica Blue offers the maximum convenience for 3D solutions for all dental applications that conventional closed platform scanners cannot provide with.

The Identica Blue scanner from Medit is the market leader for digital Dentistry. The Identica Blue is equipped with advanced Blue Light Technology which provides faster scanning and higher quality data than ever before. Identica Blue is capable of scanning a full arch model automatically in only 35 seconds. Reliable scan results of <10microns are guaranteed every time you scan. The 21mm increase in operating space makes the Identica Blue perfect for larger models and articulators.

Newly developed Medit scanning algorithms, IMV (Intelligent Multi View) enables scanning quicker and more accurately into narrow and deep areas, which has proved difficult or impossible for conventional dental scanners.